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For over a decade, DQC has been developing, manufacturing and marketing state-of-the-art chemical products for the construction industry. The main goal of DQC, since its creation in 1998, is to continuously improve all its processes, which is why it dedicates all its resources to delivering top-quality products and maximum performance to its clients.

DQC is a serious and dynamic company in the process of expansion, formed by a group of professionals with extensive experience in the construction chemicals and acrylic elastomer industries. Our goal is to ensure a top-quality product and application, which together with in-depth knowledge of the market, its problems and current solutions, allows us to guarantee customer satisfaction and lasting confidence.

We boast an extensive sales network covering the entire country with several branches offering personalised and immediate customer service. The USP of our company policy is the search for the perfect combination between product quality and environmental protection, as well as compliance with the Technical Building Code: CTE DB-HE and CTE DB-HR.


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